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Breaking the Cycle :
Ending Generational Homelessness Together

Embracing Transformation Legacy Community

MISSION to the Community

Phoenix Foundation, NFP aims to end generational homelessness in the Chicagoland area by providing safe and stable housing and comprehensive services that promote wellness, economic self-sufficiency, and a renewed sense of community.


At Phoenix Foundation, we are committed to creating a future where no individual or family experiences the despair of homelessness. Everyone deserves a chance to rebuild their lives and pursue their dreams. Through our Permanent Supportive Housing program, we are working tirelessly to provide a safe, stable, and supportive environment for individuals and families, empowering them to break the cycle of homelessness and achieve lasting transformation.

We support people through permanent supportive
housing and providing

Case Management

Home Ownership Education

Occupational Skills Training

Encouraging Postsecondary Education

modern housing

About Us

Phoenix Foundation, NFP was founded in 2021 to seek housing solutions for homeless people during the pandemic, particularly those individuals and families with histories of substance abuse or history of justice involvement and other behavioral issues. As a new woman led BIPOC organization in Chicago, Phoenix Foundation has already achieved remarkable success in our mission to end generational homelessness. Our organization’s success is reflected in our recent partnership with a developer who sought us out for our expertise in creating affordable and permanent supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness.

"They opened the doors for me so much in an effort to try and help me make my life better that I just stayed with them, and now I'm a supervisor."

Our Vision

Our focus is on providing holistic services that empower individuals and families to break the cycle of homelessness and build a brighter future for themselves. Their communities have been well-received and have garnered significant support.

Our Approach

At the heart of our mission is the belief that no one sets out on a life journey to become homeless. We recognize that substance use, mental health challenges, incarceration, and other life issues can significantly impact a person’s path. However, we firmly believe in the inherent potential of everyone to create positive change and reclaim their lives.

We meet our participants where they are, without judgment or prejudice, and work collaboratively with them to develop a personalized plan of possibility. Our approach is rooted in compassion, respect, and a deep understanding of the complexities our participants face. By providing safe and stable housing and comprehensive support services, we create an environment where individuals and families can begin to dream again and believe in their ability to transform their lives.

"I can honestly say finding Phoenix organization was a blessing. They got me the resources I needed to improve my living conditions and helped me find work and a place to stay. "

Embracing Transformation, Legacy

As a new woman-led BIPOC organization in Chicago, Phoenix Foundation has already achieved remarkable success in our mission to end generational homelessness. Our organization’s success is reflected in our recent partnership with a developer who sought us out for our expertise in creating affordable and permanent supportive housing for people experiencing homelessness.

Empowering Dreams

At Phoenix Foundation, we are not just providing a roof over someone’s head. We are igniting the spark of hope and empowering our participants to envision a brighter future. Through our Permanent Supportive Housing program, we aim to break the cycle of generational homelessness by addressing the underlying causes and providing the necessary tools for long-term stability.

Our program offers a range of support services tailored to each participant’s unique needs, including access to substance use treatment, mental health counseling, life skills development, employment assistance, and connections to community resources. By addressing the multifaceted challenges contributing to homelessness, we foster holistic growth and empower individuals and families to regain control of their lives.

Building a Community of Support

At Phoenix Foundation, we recognize that ending homelessness requires collaboration and collective effort. We actively foster partnerships with local organizations, government agencies, and community members who share our vision of creating lasting change. By joining forces, we strengthen our impact and expand the reach of our programs.

Furthermore, we believe in the power of lived experience and diversity within our staff team. We seek to include individuals who have overcome homelessness or similar challenges, valuing their unique insights and perspectives. By embracing a diverse and inclusive group, we create an environment that celebrates resilience, empathy, and understanding.

Looking Ahead

While we acknowledge the challenges we face as a new organization operating with limited resources, our determination remains unwavering. Driven by the belief that ending generational homelessness is possible and essential for building more substantial and vibrant communities.

In the coming years, we envision expanding our Permanent Supportive Housing program, increasing the number of individuals and families we can serve. We will continue advocating for policies and funding, prioritizing affordable housing and comprehensive support services. Through strategic partnerships and community engagement, we aim to create a model program that can be replicated and adapted to address homelessness on a larger scale.


These partnerships are a testament to our 30+ years of leadership experience in homeless services and housing. It is a remarkable achievement for a new organization. Moreover, it speaks to the trust and confidence we have earned in the Chicago community as dedicated and influential advocates for homeless individuals and families.

The following are formal partners of Phoenix Recovery Support Services that provide essentials that strengthen the foundations of recovery for our participants. Thank you to our partners.

  • CRCC/RCO – Provide Recovery Support Services
  • Above and Beyond Family Center – Provide Recovery Support Services
  • Greater Chicago Food Depository –Job Training
  • Growing Home – Job Training
  • GreenBax Health Solutions – Healthcare/MAT Services
  • Catholic Charities Welfare to Work – Job Training
  • YMCA Training Alliance of Chicago – GED & Computer Training Problem
  • YMCA City Colleges of Chicago – Provide Free GED Classes
  • Safer Foundation – Provide Job Placement Support and Mental Health Assessment & Treatment
  • CARA Foundation – Job Training / Job Placement
  • Job Training / Job Placement – Job Training / Job Placement
    • Cook County Hospital – Emergency Care & Medical Care
    • CCH Women’s & Children’s HIV Program – HIV Primary Care Center
    • Planned Parenthood – Pregnancy Options, Counseling & Testing
    • Mt. Sinai Hospital – Provides Emergency Psychiatric Care
    • Mile Square CMH – Adult therapy & Prescriptions
    • Thresholds – Therapy Services Assessments & Treatment & MAT Services
    • Cook County Housing Authority – Provides Housing Application Assistance for Qualification for Section 8 Opportunities
    • Heartland Alliance – Referrals for Apartments
    • Housing and Urban Development – Provides Access to Subsidized Housing Listings
    • Neighborhood Housing Services – Provides Housing Listings
    • Senior Housing Program – Provide Independent Living Program
    • Vision House – Provides Housing and Shelter for HIV Positive Clients as well as Mental Health-Assessment and Treatment
    • Gateway –Substance Abuse Treatment, Detox & MAT Services
    • Loretto Hospital – Provides Substance Abuse Treatment, Detox and MAT Service
    • Haymarket Center – Substance Abuse Treatment, Detox & MAT Services
    • Access Family Health Center – MAT Services
    • Family Guidance Center – MAT Services

    Our Executive Director

    Sherri Allen-Reeves

    Sherri Allen-Reeves is the Executive Director of Phoenix Foundation, NFP, a Supportive Housing Program whose purpose is to create new possibilities for those experiencing homelessness. She has passionately worked in the service of others for over 30 years and is a very vocal advocate for the homeless and other disenfranchised people. She serves on multiple committees within the local Continuum of Care, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, and Chicago Homelessness & Health Response Group for Equity (CHHRGE). 

    Board Executives


    Celeste Gildersleeve

    After 27 years’ experience in substance abuse services, and an additional 6 years in customer service, product promotion, event planning and recruitment, Celeste Gildersleeve brings considerable expertise; and many valuable contacts to her volunteer work and community service.

    Notable is her involvement as past Regional Director, Secretary, Treasurer, Conference and Committee Chairperson and member for AHHAP (National Association of Halfway House & Alcoholism Programs), IAEC (Illinois Association of Extended Care), Women’s Housing Committee State of Illinois, among others.


    Pat Haynes

    Pat Haynes is the clinical nursing professor and managed various disciplines for patients with medical complexities. She is Clinical support specialist and business training manager and business program development training.
    Data collection, analysis, documentation and quality assurance.
    Program presentations at professional seminars locally, regionally, and nationally.


    Ron D. Archie

    Ron D. Archie is a state of Illinois licensed certified public accountant.  He is an experienced auditor, accountant, and tax professional.  Ron has successfully performed numerous financial, compliance and single audits in accordance with generally accepted and Governmental Auditing Standards.

    He has conducted several training programs on accounting and auditing topics including financial and management reporting, non-profit accounting, internal control assessment, financial analysis, auditing procedures and audit risk analysis. He has served as volunteer workshop leader on not-for-profit accounting and auditing issues for CPA’s for the “Public Interest.” 

    (Dir. of Human services)

    Margarita Gonzalez

    The Director of Human Services and Housing Programs, Margarita Gonzalez, will have oversight of the Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) grant program on behalf of A Safe Haven Foundation (ASHF). Director Gonzalez brings nearly twenty years of experience working with very low-income families and possesses a wealth of knowledge in Affordable Housing and Behavioral Health.

    Mariusz Misiewicz

    Born in Bialystok, Poland during the communist regime, Mariusz lived there till his family relocated to Schiller Park, IL in 1991 at age 13 where he attended East Leyden High School. A Licensed Managing Real Estate Broker in 2020 and in 2022 has been asked to be one of two Designated Managing Brokers for an Illinois company that at that time overseen over 750 brokers in the state of Illinois. It was the same ideology of helping people that got him involved with various organizations like The Oasis House, Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, A Safe Foundation, Gateway Foundation and Polish American Association just to name a few, where he volunteered on many occasions and continues to give back when available.


    Join Us in Creating Change

    At Phoenix Foundation, we invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can create a future where homelessness is a thing of the past and every individual can thrive. Let’s build a world where dreams are nurtured, hope is restored, and generational homelessness is ended.

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